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 My lifelong hobby

I have been interested in ship models since my youth thanks to model of military sailboat "Victoria" which was on gigantic sideboard in dining room built by my father in thirtieth years of last century. This model though wasn't made after some real boat nevertheless it took my interest so much that I decided to start with simple models already as school child. 
As every begining, my beginings were also tough so there is no evidence of my work as it wasńt worth it to keep it according to my opinion.
The very first big model was Columbus' Ship "Santa Maria". The plans for this ship were bought by my father. These plans were originally in Czech language and as I finally found out these were very simplified. Nevertheless I brought this sailboat to the end (also I have to express that it was made from materials accessible at that time and there was no kits at that time either) and I started to look for some other plans.
I found the old German plans of frigate "Berlin" from 1937 built in the year 1674 in the local bookshop. The plans were to be true - to - scale 1:48 which I consider as an accurate size for a manual design of all details. At that time I have already owned all literature about historical sailboats models accesible at that time. I´m fascinated by a period of sixteenth to eighteenth century. This period of time seems to be most beautiful for boats which floated at the world seas. 
The construction of model frigate took incredible thirtyfive years which was caused partly by my workload, partly by absence of enoug space for construction itself and partly by absence of modeller lathe. The were no guns, yard and sail. After the new years my son moved to his new flat so I got longed space for untroubled work. I bought a modeller lathe (which was the only thing missing to my full equipment) and the frigate could be completed. The ship got definitive stand and I made a display case for a dust protection.
In the year 1985 came to the sales Czech kit of Swedish royal boat "Vasa". As I couldn´t resist and built a full ship including standing rigging which is waiting for sails and a complete finish. Eventhough it is not genuine because it includes some parts made from plastics which I don´t appreciate at all. I prefer natural materials and handwork nor plastic foundry. 
In a modeller shop in Vienna I cought a sight of a royal boat model "Sovereign of the Seas", built from Italian firm kit. It has charmed me so much that I bought full plans and started to dream of her completion. After couple of years we went on holiday to the northern Italy so I planned a way through the town where the company has its headquarters and bought all decorations so it was possible to make forms and to cast their appropriate amount. After the return I built a hull, cast all decorations, drain guns and there is a time for a ship itself to be completed. Anyway there is a time for a general reconstruction of "Santa Maria" at first.
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