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Santa Maria
When I was 16 years old, I built my first model the "Santa Maria". As it was in sixtieth years of last century according to this were the plans looking like.
The model was pasted together with a wrong glue and after
forty years it wasn´t possible to touch it during the cleaning. It has begun to break down so I decided for a general reconstruction.
I found the plans in different options and decided for plans made by Mr H. E. Adametz. It´s being said that these plans belong among the best ones. As it was about a general reconstruction and partial rebuilding of an old model I had to make some compromise, otherwise I would have to build a completely new model. 

I started the reconstruction of a "Santa Maria" model. There actually stayed only a bare hull. I newly planked upper part hull to hide the absurd openings alongside of the boat. Through the reconstuction came olso a deck where in fore parts increased bitts servant to tying anchor ropes, new hawse holes, planking inner sides, vertical ribbing inner sides, new look of stern, all kevel, kevel bench, pin rails, anchoring dead - eyes. 
I drew up the mechanical tap ropes which considerably fastened the preparation of ropes. I turn aside the ropes and began to connect on mainmast.
"Santa Maria" is almost finished, there only left the anchor production.
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