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Sovereign of the Seas

As I have already referenced on a home page, I have began to build this model about twenty years ago and in this form, how you can see on first photos was until the last year.
 I made several details like a belfry, benches with "dead eyes", all gunports covers and I inserted guns on lower decks.   
 My current work on this model was interrupted again as I started to build "Derfflinger".  After the "Derfflinger successful mission" I have decided to continue on "Sovereign". As I didn't like deck gratings which were primarily made according to the paper plan, my decision was quite simple - to remove them and make new ones according to the right scale. I completed guns and put all of the on the deck including tackles. I had also finalised bits because I always wanted a ship equipped with sails. 

I made all masts including mastheads which were added with dead eyes right afterwards and began with ropes production. According to the tables I calculated all individual diameters of ropes.
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